After years working with theTwo Brothers Foundation in its mission to promote education, 

community service and international exchange in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, in 2016 Conviva

Brazil co-founders started up our organisation in Belém do Pará. This city, known as the "Gateway to

the Amazon," is the home city of one co-founder. Through family, friends ​and professional contacts

there, we were exposed to a vast network of people and organizations working for the well-being

of the Amazon Basin and its peoples (see our Partners). Besides the region's ecological needs,

we observed that low-income peoples in Amazonia generally receive ​much less in the way of

resources than do those in more affluent parts of Brazil. Unlike in many of Rio's favelas, for

example, there are precious few organizations working ​for social ​inclusion, governmental or

otherwise. Indeed, because these two dimensions are interconnected, poverty and climate change,

long-term solutions must seek to address them together.

     Conviva Brazil is a meeting place for those around the world who consider themselves friends 

of the Amazon, forest and folk, and for local peoples of the Amazon Basin working to defend it.

Making use of our extensive networks in the region, especially in the regional capital city of

Belém do Pará, Brazil, we connect with local partners and their projects. Bypassing the expense of

running our own operations, we seek out a view of what's happening on the ground, at the local

and regional level, to support programs, people, groups and institutions taking a lead in making a 

difference–like Instituto Peabiru, Zambo Capoeira ​and the Museu Paraense Emílio ​Goeldi.   


     As the result of such encounters, the idea of bringing people from around the world together

with local residents of the Amazon was born. We seek to be more than just an environmental 

protection group but a community of real people, compassionately committed to one another,

whether in sharing financial resources, our time, information or in face to visits in Brazil, across

Amazonia ​and ​elsewhere. We believe that only in "living well together" (the root meaning of the

imperative conviva in Portuguese) do any of us truly live. That what it'll take for us to stand a

chance at ​stewarding our ​precious world together–in coexistence. ​Please Join Us!  

     Most of us know the Amazon Forest is a crucial natural resource unparalleled for the amazing

diversity of plants, animals and human beings living there, its impact in reducing carbon-dioxide at

the global level and its promise for future pharmaceutical breakthroughs–which may one day even

hold the cure for cancer. As it quickly disappears, most of us also want to help. But what to do? How

can everyday folks stay informed about the challenges of the day or know about ​innovative efforts 

to ​defend the Amazon Forest and its peoples?  


Conviva = Coexist

Conviva Brazil

Friends of the Amazon, Forest  and Folk


Friends of the Amazon,

Forest and Folk.

We're an international


group of friends


who support local


Amazonian organizations 


defending the


rainforest and its peoples. 



We've formed Partnerships 


with some ​of Amazonia's


most impacting and trustworthy


groups and institutions. 


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